A topic that comes up a lot with my coaching clients is around the ‘thoughts we think.’ And while I typically give you a lot of strategy and action items on the podcast, the thoughts you think are so important because they are the precursor to all of your actions. Our thoughts cause our emotions. And every action we take in life comes from an emotion.

Our actions and our inactions (or inability to act) can always be traced back to our thoughts.

So today I wanted to give you 10 success thoughts. These are thoughts I have used regularly from the very beginning of my journey. I hold them close to me at all times. I’m always going back to them. If you harness these thoughts–if you really adopt these thoughts from a place of conviction, and believe them as truth in your mind, it will change everything for you.

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Transcript of Episode #7: Success Thoughts

Kristen Boss (00:05):
Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling and authentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way. Hey, fellow bosses, welcome back to another week of the podcast and I hope you are ready to have your mind blown today.

Kristen Boss (00:57):
I am excited about this. I was thinking a lot about what the next episode was that I wanted to do. And as I’ve been working with clients and in my community and doing a lot of coaching lately, there’s been a specific topic that has come up a lot and that I have coached on, and it is about thoughts. And I know I give a lot of strategy and action items and I send you off with things to do, but I really want to give you thoughts to think with this episode because all of our actions are always a product of our thoughts. Our actions are always, or even our inaction or inability to act and do is from thoughts. We have, whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts. So specifically today, I wanted to give you 10 success. Thoughts. These are thoughts. I have kept with me from the very beginning. I hold them close to me at all times.

Kristen Boss (02:03):
I’m always going back to them. I keep them in my pocket. And if you yourself harness these thoughts and not just harness them, don’t just memorize them and regurgitate them and be like, oh, yo, okay, this is, you know, whatever. I want you to really adopt these thoughts from a place of conviction, really believing them as truth in your mind, really believing them as fact. And it’s going to take some work, but eventually here’s what happens when you decide to have a thought is your brain is going to look for evidence to support the thought your brain is going to start looking for ways to validate a thought you’ve created. This is both with your empowering thoughts and your really negative thoughts. Your brain is so powerful. So when you have a negative thought, your brain is going to look for evidence to support and how a negative thought is true for you. So today my gift to you is going to be the 10 success thoughts. You need to be unstoppable in your business. And the opposite of these thoughts are often what I coach on with my students and in my group. And in my programs, these are thoughts. I see people holding. I see people holding on to them and it’s holding them back from showing up in the way that they want to in their business from getting the results that they want.

Kristen Boss (03:33):
So without further ado, let’s get to the top 10 success thoughts: Thought number one less is more. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing all the things we’ve become. So scattered, it creates this needy energy. When we have this needy energy and we’re worried, we’re feeling scarce. We’re wondering where the next dollar is going to come from. We’re worried about our paycheck. It’s getting month end. We start to scatter ourselves over many activities, instead of doing less things, better, doing few things with excellence. Moving the needle forward in your business is not about doing a lot of things. It’s about doing the right things with excellence, with focus, with intention, with commitment less is more when you’re looking at your goal for the end of the month, don’t sit there and think what, what, what more things do I need to do? What more things instead of what am I doing? What has worked for me in the past that I could do better, that I can elevate that I can bring to the next level. Oftentimes we think success is adding to our plate, but actually I want to tell you, it’s removing some things from your plate and choosing to do less things, but doing them better, less is more number two, ready for this one. I have everything I need.

Kristen Boss (05:20):
Maybe I should turn this around. Instead of it being thoughts about myself, where you’re hearing me use I statements, I’m going to use it for you. You have everything you need. That’s what I’m gonna do. The rest of this episode, I’m going to point it back to you. My listener, like I’m coaching you welcome to your coaching call. You have everything you need. Your answers are not out outside of yourself, your answers aren’t behind another book and other training and other podcasts and other course, and other thing to consume, you have all the answers accessible of you. That is an extremely powerful thought because so often I see entrepreneurs when, when they’re in places of self doubt, when they don’t show up, it’s because they don’t believe that they have everything they need in order to create the results that they want. So they start going on this treasure hunt of looking for this, this magic thing. They go looking for the unicorn, like surely I’m going to go find the unicorn and that’s going to be the answer. No, you are the unicorn. The answer is in you. And when you actually believe that you hold the answers, you hold the ability within yourself. An amazing thing happens. You look within and you become resourceful. You start again, you start sending your brain on a treasure hunt within yourself.

Kristen Boss (06:52):
When you truly believe that you have everything you need. When you, before you come to a call before you make a post, before you reach out to somebody, before you present an opportunity to them. When you have the thought of, I have everything I need, you are coming to somebody from a place of sufficiency, from a place of fullness, from a place of massive self-trust of confidence. I want you to think about that. That thought if I have everything I need creates confidence. It creates self-assurance. It creates self-trust. It creates the ability to act because you trust that you have resources at your disposal to get the results you need. And you want, even if you’re fighting me, if your brain is fighting me and being like, no, no, I don’t have everything. Really? Why, why don’t you have everything you need? Why are you choosing to believe that you’re in lack, because as a business owner, we’re always learning.

Kristen Boss (07:47):
There’s always something to improve. There’s always something to work on, but you always want to trust the lessons you’ve learned getting you this far. Like I have enough to help someone right now with what I have. You have enough to help someone have some kind of transformation at some level, with your exact experience, with your exact tools, with your exact products, with everything you have at your disposal right now within your fingertips, that should empower you to go out and make meaningful connections and talk to people and serve people. That’s empowering. You have everything you need.

Kristen Boss (08:32):
Okay? Thought number three, someone is ready to say yes to you right now-today. Someone is ready to say yes to you right now. Really sit with that thought in your body. And I want you to think about what feeling does that thought create in your body. I know for me, when I have deep belief that someone’s ready to say yes to me today, I show up with excitement. I feel enthusiasm. I’m motivated. I’m ready. Someone’s ready to say yes to you right now. But let me tell you something. I see so many people prejudging their audience, prejudging their existing Facebook audience, their existing Instagram followers mean like, ah, they’re not interested or maybe that I’ll want it. I need to do more. Somehow you’ve created this, this narrative that people are ready to say yes to you. So it’s causing you to not show up.

Kristen Boss (09:41):
I was doing a training in my free Facebook community today. And I was talking about, I feel like as business owners, I used an iceberg metaphor and the water line is what we see. You know, everything that’s above the water line I’m going to say is, is the business actions or activity that we see that we’re putting out the podcast episodes, the posts, the emails, the, you know, the content, the workshops. That’s what we see. That’s what’s and what’s above the iceberg, right? Is, is the likes, the comments, the feedback that we get, everything above the waterline is feedback that you get and see it’s things. You see someone replying to your emails saying, Hey, that was great. Loved that someone participating in your Facebook group, Hey, that was great. I love that. And the mistake I see people make is they assume that what they see above the waterline is, is their impact or the value they’re giving people in its entirety.

Kristen Boss (10:45):
And that’s not the case. There are so many people. There’s so many people, your audience, most of them are below the waterline. They’re thinking they’re listening. They’re watching. They’re becoming quiet, but loyal fans to everything. You’re about, that’s an exciting feeling. Suddenly you don’t need so much validation above the waterline anymore. Suddenly you’re, you’re not looking to that as a validation. Let me tell you something. You need to have self validation in business. You need to have massive self-trust trust that what you’re doing is putting value out there. Stop prejudging. What you think everybody thinks about your value. It’s an actually none of your business, your job is to show up and serve and be ready to serve somebody whose rest is ready to say yes to you today. But just because what you see above the waterline, doesn’t look promising. You’re forgetting the massive impact that’s happening below the waterline that you just don’t see yet. So trust it, trust that you are quietly nurturing somebody today. And if they’re not a yesterday, they might be a yes tomorrow. But if someone’s ready to say yes to you today, how would you show up? Someone’s ready to say yes to you right now. What if you were one post away from somebody being like, that’s it. I got to reach out to this girl. I got to learn more about what she’s offering. I want to talk to her about her product or service.

Kristen Boss (12:25):
That’s pretty exciting. I don’t know about you, but it makes me be like, woo, let’s do this. Right. That’s a powerful thought. Okay. Kind of piggybacking on this. It’s that number four. What I have is valuable. And you’re like, well, yeah, Christen, I’m selling it, talking about it. No. I mean like you having complete conviction and self self validation that what you have is valuable. So many of you are looking to others to validate your own belief in your value. Some of you are handing your belief in your value to others. Stop it. You decide it’s valuable. You show up consistently. You need to decide. This is valuable. One of my coaches, Stacy Damon says, you know how someone else perceives your value is none of your business. The impact of your value is none of your business. Your job is to show up with conviction.

Kristen Boss (13:34):
That what you have is valuable. I see people get so stuck on judging their value. This isn’t valuable enough. How do you know again, it’s, they’re making this, this judgment based on what they see above the waterline, but below the waterline, you don’t know how, how deep your value goes. Stop judging it. We’re still wrapped up in our own stories and our own journeys. We think this, this isn’t that valuable. Oh my gosh. If I had a penny for every time someone thought that a part of their story wasn’t valuable just because they’re used to that part of their story. If you listened to my resistance, overcoming resistance and and building resilience episode about my own story, that’s just a story I’m very used to. I’ve carried it with me for a while. So, because I’m used to it and the shock value is gone for me, it’s easy for me to assume. It’s not that valuable.

Kristen Boss (14:35):
You have value. I guarantee that you’ve been downplaying. Assuming it’s not that valuable, stop judging your value. Stop discounting it and saying, that’s not enough. You know, who decides you have value? Is you not your audience, not your customers. And I know that sounds like a real kind of crazy thought. It sounds counterintuitive. It sounds like an oxymoron. Like what do you mean? You tell me to give value. You tell me to understand my audience, but then you tell me, I decide my value. Because when you have conviction on your, on your value, when you offer people, you stop judging yourself. You stop second guessing and you start showing up consistently, you do the things, but it’s not your job to decide what’s valuable to somebody.

Kristen Boss (15:29):
It’s not your job to decide if they, if they’re going to have transformation and what you say, I have no idea what aspect of this episode is going to cause transformation or a thought shift for you. But the goal is for me to not prejudge anything I’m telling you and just give you what I have decided is valuable because I’ve decided that, and I’m showing up with conviction and this is what I’m encouraging you to do with have the thought, what I have is valuable, which moves us to number five. People want what I have to offer. Oh my goodness. Speaking of prejudging like do people see value in what I offer, but that people actually want what you have to offer. That they see that not only do they see it as valuable, but they want it. They’re ready to buy.

Kristen Boss (16:23):
You know, I coach a lot of people in health and wellness and they’re over there judging. Like, I don’t know if people want this. I don’t know. I’m like, well, really Peloton sales are up by 80%. You want to tell me people don’t want health and wellness, stop deciding for people what they want, stop deciding for people. They have a right to choose for themselves. And I see so many business owners deciding for their audience to the point where they don’t make offers to the point where they don’t talk about the opportunity, the business or the product, because they’ve decided for their audience, that their audience doesn’t want it. I was talking to someone the other day and I was encouraging her to really utilize her personal Facebook page. And she told me, she’s like, well, that’s just where my high school friends are and family and people I’ve known for a long time. I’m like, what, what? So you’ve decided they don’t, they don’t want what you offer right now. Just because they’ve known you for a long time. Well, the, how has that fair? How’s that fair to them. You’ve decided for them.

Kristen Boss (17:24):
You know, just because, just because you’re having doubt doesn’t mean your audiences. So again, choosing the belief of people want what I have to offer. That’s an exciting, empowering thought. I showed up every day, knowing like, of course people want coaching. Why would they not want a transformation in their business? Why would they not want to have an amazing personal brand and learn how to do meaningful magnetic marketing? Everybody wants this. You have my permission to borrow that thought everybody wants what I have. Haven’t really abundant thought around it. Of course, everybody wants what you have.

Kristen Boss (18:01):
So with that, doesn’t that sound fun to show up in your business. That way with that belief, of course, people want this stop judging. Stop it. Stop judging yourself. Stop judging others. That making decisions where people show up and let them decide for themselves. Let them decide if they’re ready. Okay. Thought number six, this is a good one. They’re all good. Because again, I’ve decided this is valuable thought number six, ready for this one. It’s working for you. This is working for you, really sitting with that thought. I’m going to tell you that with each thought here. But so many times I hear people say this isn’t working for me. I’m like really? How long have you been at this?

Kristen Boss (18:58):
How long have you consistently shown up? What is this? After one post two posts. This is after 30 days. When you decide this is working for me, you’re trusting the process. You have to stop being so results oriented. Oh, I can’t believe I’m saying this. And you’re probably like, what do you mean? Don’t be results oriented. Start loving the process. Love the journey. Love the rhythm. Love the process because results are inevitable. When you embrace the process on the journey, results are inevitable. When you trust that it’s working. It’s kind of like a, I use this analogy all the time in my free trainings and with my clients. It’s, it’s the analogy of steeping tea. If you were to take a teabag of like tea was a certain strategy or how you were showing up online and you were to dip it in hot water for, you know, three seconds and yank it out and you sip it.

Kristen Boss (20:04):
You’re like, this is the worst tea ever. Well, of course it’s crappy tea. You didn’t steep it long enough. You didn’t let the flavors sit. You didn’t let the flavors steep. As it steep with a T. I don’t know either. You don’t have to, you don’t let it steep. You got to give a time. Some of you are so impatient. You’re still results oriented that you’re yanking out the teabag saying this doesn’t work onto the next thing where you haven’t given yourself enough time. Because again, oh, I’m going to bring it back to the iceberg because you’re judging based above the waterline. But when you trust, it’s working, let me tell you something momentum. And the tipping that happens in your business is when all of your consistent efforts that have compounded over time finally reached the tipping point. It finally reaches and catches momentum.

Kristen Boss (21:04):
It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s not when the planets align. It’s not a lucky strike. It is when consistent compounded efforts over time finally hit the tipping point and you have to have the belief the entire time. This is working for me. This is why organic marketing is for people that are in it for the long game, because there’s a massive posture of trust behind organic marketing. You have to trust that you are again with the thought of everything I have is valuable. Someone’s ready to say yes to me right now. People want this. This is working for me.

Kristen Boss (21:44):
You need, you need also to be making meaningful connections with people, to serve them and get to know them and tell them what you do start conversations. But seriously, you need to be an amazing content writer so that when people brush up against your personal Facebook profile or they check out your Instagram and they say, I want to follow more of this person. I like what she has to say. And they’re going to decide that when they see it, someone that has showed up consistently and gives value. And let me just tell you, consistency is value is valuable to your audience. You showing up every day, predictability brings trust. Consistency is trust.

Kristen Boss (22:33):
That’s valuable to your audience, knowing that tomorrow you’re going to post another post that you’re there. Okay? So trusting that it’s working for you, don’t pull out the teabag too soon. Start switching up strategies every second. My goodness. I see that a lot. I see business owners barely giving something a chance, and then they’re onto the next strategy. I’m like, stop it. Step is up. Trust the process, trust yourself, which is point number seven. You can trust yourself. Trust that you have what it takes that you are capable of doing the things yielding results. You can trust that you have the answers within, within you, that you can be resourceful and that you can serve people. Self-Trust is huge. Trusting that you have your own back behind your decisions that you make.

Kristen Boss (23:37):
What would that look like to you to really trust yourself and say, I got myself. If something was to go wrong, I still trust myself. I’m to dust off my boots. I’m going to get back up and I’m going to go the next day. I can trust myself that I’m going to continue to show up for myself. I can trust that I am a capable person, have some self-trust. I think some, I see so many people looking to others to make decisions for them in their business, looking to others, to validate their self-confidence, to validate their belief, that all has to come from within you. Otherwise, you’re going to be on an emotional roller coaster of constantly feeling beat up by the opinions and feedback from others. Being an entrepreneur is embracing vulnerability and visibility and being seen. And that means people are going to have opinions of you.

Kristen Boss (24:35):
And there are going to be people listening to this podcast that have decided they will gain the opinion that they don’t like me and that’s okay. But I trust myself that I can handle that feeling and I can move on and continue to show up and serve for people. Trust in yourself. Number eight, you can help people. You can help people. So many of you think you need to be at the end of your journey to feel qualified, to help someone. You only need to be a couple steps ahead of them to help them to get them to where they want to go. So many times we think that we need to be 10 steps ahead of someone to be qualified or worthy of helping them. But a person who’s been stuck for a long time. Do you know how valuable it is to them? For someone to just get them one step ahead for someone to get them, maybe two steps ahead.

Kristen Boss (25:34):
What does helping people do you want to know what helping people really is, is just be listening. There’s a lot of talking out there, not a lot of listening. Do you want to know the truth in coaching? Yes. I do give great strategy. I do give good insight and I help point people in and I reframe thoughts, but you want to know one of the most valuable things I offer is listening. Listening helps people holding space, letting people process their emotions, their feelings and thoughts in a safe place is the biggest gift you can give people. I was asking one of my students this week. I’m like, can you listen to someone? Can you hold space for somebody and let them process their thoughts and feelings? Yup. Can you show them their thoughts? Like how their thoughts aren’t serving them? Yep. Okay. Then you can help people. That’s it. We make it so complicated.

Kristen Boss (26:34):
If you find yourself in a moment being like, I can’t help people, I want to push back and say, well, why, what does helping people look like? And it’s listening and holding space and giving them a safe paced space to process things. Then yes, you can help people. You absolutely can help people. Number nine, consistency pays off consistency compounds. I found value and trust within myself. When I had the belief that consistency was going to be my best friend, that I would continue to show up every day. And that consistency always pays off. That’s a success thought. Just believing deep in your bones. Consistency always pays off it compounds. Remember what I told you, momentum was it was consistent efforts that compound over time that reached the tipping point. Consistency is everything.

Kristen Boss (27:43):
The last success thought thought number 10, your success is inevitable. Your success is inevitable. Really sitting. I want you to sit with the inevitability of your goals, not just the probability or the possibility, but having utter conviction that you’re right, the goals are in fact going to happen. They’re going to happen. It’s just a matter of time. If you had that conviction, like my success, the outcome I want, it’s inevitable. It’s happening. It’s going to happen. It makes you want to show up. It gives excitement and joy and enthusiasm helps you dig in on the crappy day. You’re going to have crappy days, but you know, what’s going to help you get out of bed and face. The next day is believing that your success is inevitable. That it’s going to happen with consistency and the belief that you can help people with. Self-Trust believing yeah.

Kristen Boss (28:45):
That it’s working for you, that people want what you have to offer. That what you have is valuable, that someone’s ready to say yes to you today that you have everything you need to succeed and help people that doing it. The answer isn’t doing more, it’s doing it less but better. And with excellence and focus, really sitting with your success is inevitable, right? And I chose to believe that every single day, before a day I’m came in, that success was inevitable. I trusted the process. I enjoyed the journey. This is why I always tell you, find your purpose, bring it back into your business. Purpose is what you would do-is the work you do for free. It’s something that truly brings you joy and energizes you purpose back to your work. And I promise you’ll be able to stay in it for the long game.

Kristen Boss (29:39):
So I would love know which of these thoughts screenshot this, this episode, Share it in Instagram tag me @thekristenboss and tell me, I would love to hear what thought are you going to anchor in today? What thought is going to change everything for you? If you can master one of these thoughts, your business practice will change. If you could believe that your success is inevitable, stop judging your audience. Stop deciding for people. Stop, stop. Assuming that everything you see above the waterline is, is the iceberg in its entirety. When you realize that actually 80% of it is below the waterline, trusting yourself and show up, be consistent. And if you harness these thoughts, I promise you you’re going to stay consistent in your business and you will see change. I hope that this blew your brain in some ways, some form, and it provokes you provokes promotes. It encourages you to take action. I don’t want you to just listen to my episode each week. I want you to take action. I want you to do something I want to prompt you. That’s the word I was looking for. I want to prompt you to map action.

Kristen Boss (30:58):
So friends take massive action today from one of these thoughts and we will catch you next time. That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you love today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with the review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done at different way. And if you’re ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals academy, you get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or been in the industry for awhile. This is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer go to www.thesocialsellingacademy.com to learn more.

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